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Monday, November 21, 2011

Thanksgiving Break~End of Semester Work

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UPDATE: I'm done suckas! Just got my celebratory (and not celibacy, you weirdos) Shezan Mango Juice.
Stay Mango-thirsty my friends. 

The majority of my work for the semester will hopefully be largely completed at the end of this upcoming break. The way I figure, if I can do even half of the stuff I list, I'll be in damn good shape for the end of the semester.

The tentative list includes:
Pers401  FRIDAY
  • Rough Draft for Pers Paper 1 ~ 50%
  • Rought Draft 2
  • Final Paper for Pers                             ~ 9/10 pgs
Pers251: FRIDAY
  • Start my paper -- Modern Iranian History (Probably not going to  do) ~ 1/15 Pgs  By TUESDAY
    • Vague Outline
  • Final Paper (yeah I know, a term paper and a final paper!) - 0/5 pgs BY THURSDAY
  • Review and Edit my papers -- Persian (16/20)

Bsci415  FRIDAY
  • HW1
  • HW2                ~60%
  • HW3                ~40%
  • HW4
  • HW5
  • HW6
  • LAB 1            ~ 40%
  • LAB 2             ~50
  • LAB 3                90%
  • LAB 4

  • 1/2 hour of nuerophys lecture/ day
NueroPhys Quiz -- By MONDAY ~ 15/15

  • Apply for a winter job
  • Apply for mcat course
  • Continue Med School apps~50%

I'm going home tomorrow. Class starts late tomorrow so I'm thinking of knocking out one of the homework assignments and starting a lab by then as well.

I'll keep updating as I thinking of stuff to add stuff as I thinking of it.
The real fun will be when I get to use the strikethrough option on all the items I finish. 

Folks should follow me on twitter too. I'm a somewhat cool person. (Gotta love strikethough...than and when you type something and then make the font all feel pretty slick when you do that.)

I need food now.
Hasta Luego.

So just made it all end of semester...since I did nothing at break.

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