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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A lifetime without technology

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Okay, so the title was just a giant trap. In actuality, I just left my charger at home, and my computer battery is so pitiful that it can't really work anymore (save for a few seconds).

Therefore, in actuality, I spent the past few days (Sunday to Thursday), without the majority of my computer time-wasting activities. All in all, it was pretty relaxing. I got a lot more work done, and also realized that multiple tabs, though better than multiple windows, is still distracting. Therefore (a lot of "therefore" usage innit), use an ipad or iphone to do all your twitter business (and other stuff). While on this intense spiritual and emotional journey, I came to a few conclusions based on the things I saw in the world (once unplugged from the Matrix). They are as follows:

  • Even if it's meant to have a group atmosphere, it's still a library. I don't care if you use your "indoor voice" or not, but for the sake of all-those-who-don't-wish-to-be-too-distracted, please try to speak in a low voice. 
    • In other words, please, refrain from yelling to the person 2 feet away from you.
  • My university library needs to more study spaces on the higher floors. 
    • I mean, what gives? You turn the second floor into a club, can't we (read I) get a desk somewhere in the damn library?
  • Bigger monitors that allow for multiple things to be open/full screen on one monitor = freakin' cool, and productive
  • Iphone batter glitch = huge problem for me. Glad they fixed it.

And now, the more ashpeerituawal aspects:
  • Having no laptop meant I went to the library to do work. Having to go to the library meant taking the time to plan things out. (It's only a small walk but bear with me please.) As a result, I fooled around less and accomplished more. (Better than usual!)
  • A lot of my study/reference materials are on my computer, and when I don't have acess to them, I realized how valuable they are. I'd elaborate, but too many corporate hawks and people I should have paid money too might be reading!.....-_-
  • WHY THE HECK doesn't the bus I need run from 1-2. It runs every other hour except for 1-2! Why does the universe conspire against me so!!!!!!
  • PSU students are stupid.
  • I think, all of us could use a technology free boot-camp once in a while. It does your body and mind well.
  • Cheenay people can be very intimidating. This is a reference to scenarios taking place in frozen yogurt shops and libraries across the nation.
So, I went to the computer lab yesterday at the overly-extravagant Van Munching Hall. Allow me to depict what I saw. 

-clears throat-..

I walk in and begin to type up my Persian work. This room is broken up into two areas. One area contains three rows of computers while the other is separated by cubicle walls, and has tables for groups to work at. So, I'm doing my work at the my computer and right in front of me is a Chinese girl and Indian guy. Indian guy seems like a slacker while the cheeni seems to have done a fair amount of preperation for a test they're about to have. She has a cheat sheet that is computer typed (small font). (I'm guessing they were allowed to have a small notecard size paper). On the other hand, Indian guy has no notecard. Thus, after praising how good her card is, he asks if she could print him a copy. She replies by saying she doesn't have a copy of the file since she made it at home. He asks about copying and I think she tried takes a roundabout way of saying no. Now comes the weird part. Indian guy puts his hand on her leg, proceeds to rub slightly and says, "are u sure I can't?" Cheeni girl screams "STOP." That was the last we see of Indian guy.

WTFREAK?!? Did he think that he's such a boss that using his lack of sex appeal would ever work?

It gets weirder.
The second incident involves a group of four girls walking in the computer lab to record a video for some class. The project was about how AOL made money of free trial cds or something. Anyways, in one of the parts, a girl has to say "cha-ching" in order to refer to the money being made. Take one, two, three and four all fail. Reason why? Cheeni girl keeps saying, "ching ching" and white girl keeps stoping and forcing her to say "cha-ching." At one point she (cheeni) says, "can't I just say 'ching ching.' You know like my name!"

Heaven have mercy. 
Needless to say, I left at this point.

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