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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Rent, not the musical. Part I

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This is a blogpost that has been about 6 months in the making (not planned out, just planned to be written). Consequently  expect to be blown away (but not really because low-expectations are easier to deal with).

The "Pre-Prologue"
Please take some time out of your day to google "worst landlord ever." If you do so, hopefully you end up here.  This is a great read. Not convinced by my crappy word? This is a note the landlord left,

That should adequately pique your curiosity. It's an amazing story, and far better than mine, but the reason I'm sharing it is to highlight how crucial tenant-landlord relations are. So many people would be homeless if all landlords were just evil people, and likewise, all rooms would be empty if all tenants were stupid juveniles (at heart).

The Actual Prologue:
I needed a place to stay over the summer in order to take some classes at my university and stuff. A friend and I decided to split a room belonging to another friend's roommate. The rent was agreed to (informally).

A note on our characters, my friend will be henceforth (usually) referred to as Alexander. In addition, the roommate will be called Mr. Sheesha.

And thus, one day prior to the start of my classes I showed up.

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