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Saturday, November 5, 2011

My Take on the best teams in the world Right Now

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5. Manchester United


  • Depth: This is one of the deepest teams in the world at every position (almost)
  • Strong Attack: Good mix of young and experienced.
  • Competition in a lot of positions. 

Why it could fall apart?
Center-Mid Problem: Failing to secure Sneijder, United lack creativity.

Injuries: United have conceded the most shots in the EPL, and the injuries to the backline can be attributed as one of the causes.

Goalie: Any goalie having to deal with so many shots, will fail to save some. However, some of the goals have been sketchy at best. Whether it's just an adjustment phase or not, remains to be seen. (I think it's just an adjustment issue BTW).

Reason for their ranking?

Won the premier league last year, and are probably the second best team right now.
Made it to the CL finals but were totally outclassed. They need to change their style.

4. Bayern Munich
Despite exiting early out of last year's Champions League, this team is a force to be reckoned with. Mario Gomez on end of the pitch, and Manuel Neuer on the other -- both having amazing seasons. And then throw in the likes of Robben, Ribery, and the always amazing Schweinsteiger. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

A goal differential of 27. That's a nod to both the offense and the defense.

Why it could fall apart?
Injuries. How many times were either Robben or Ribery injured last year?

Reason for their ranking?
They failed to win the Bundesliga and they didn't advance deep as expected in the CL.

I sadly, do not watch much Bundesliga. I will try to rectify this issue soon.

3. Manchester Cty


Why it could fall apart?

Lack of chemistry: This team will get better with time, but it will also experience growing pains (as seen in the CL matches so far). Some of those may prove costly.

Distractions: Couple of drama queens here.

Reason for their ranking?
United made it to the finals of the CL and also won the Primier League, so what gives? This City team is deeper, and has enough offensive maestros for several orchestras. I think the biggest reason though is David Silva. The man is exuding class.

Yes, they did destroy United in their first encounter, but the score line is probably not the best representation of the two teams skill levels. However, in my opinion, this is the team with the target mark on its back. And that target will only start get smaller and smaller by those trying to keep pace.

2. Real Madrid


  • Depth
  • Ronaldo, and a solid attack
  • A team that is strong defensively and offensively.
  • Quick Counter-Attack: Lightening fast. The ball is in the oponent's half 2-3 touches.
  • Mourinho's Second Season. T
    • team Chemistry: Unlike last year, this team, which was gelling, this year everyone seems to be understanding each ell-builtother.
  • Variety to their attack. They can hit you with Benzema, or with Higuain. Ronaldo could get you or he could set up someone. Marcelo's play in the final third is also noteworthy.
    • Case-in-point:

Ronaldo has two goals, his team his winning, and he doesn't take the free kick? Rather he uses the fact that most people think he's going to (commentators, and heck look where the goalie is positioned), and actually agreed to allowing the possibility of someone else to kick? This is a prime example of the "classic" Ronaldo Version 2.0.

Why it could fall apart?

Discipline: We've already seen this before with Pepe, but also Di Maria's diving antics hurt his own team with Khediera getting a red card. A few short-fuses that could cost the team. Also, sometimes this team gets lazy when playing, be it closing out matches/halves (see SuperCup).

Almost an extension of the discipline is the second point, Pepe. He's effective at times and at other times, he just leaves me scratching my head. Nuff said. (Or maybe this should be more accurately at the CB position?). (I do like the Ramos and Pepe partnership though; it seems promising.)

Wasteful: Low conversion rate.

Reason for their ranking?
I think there is a general consensus amongst most of the world right now that this is the second best team around. As of right now, they are the only team that can play on a level basis with Barcelona. With Benzema and Higuain firing on all cylinders, Ronaldo being more of a willing passer (and as a consequence he's becoming more dangerous and setting himself to become deadlier when he does go to attack), Kaka, Ozil and Xabi (not to mention Nuri Sahin) and a solid defense forming, this a team to be reckoned with.

1. Barcelona


  • The Trinity: Xavi, Iniesta, Messi
  • Carlos Puyol : Just look at when he's not there.
  • Team Chemistry: A lot of these guys practically grew up together.
  • Conversion Rate: This team makes the most of its chances. 
  • High press defending: They lose the ball, they quickly get the ball back.
  • Super-subs: Cesc Fabregas captained Arsenal. Imagine how the other team must feel when he comes in  the 60th minute to try to break a tie game?

Why it could fall apart?
Injuries : The backline has been makeshift this entire year. Also you've had injuries to Sanchez and Affelay
Size: It's been there for a while, and they still manage to win.
Victor Valdes: Average goalie at best.
Pinto: 'Nuff said.

Reason for ranking?
Is there even a reason to ask? Just look at how they out-classed United last year. This team is on the decline right no. The decline may just be due to the injuries, but it's not the barca level we've become accustomed to saying, but still the best around (until someone dethrones them).

Okay, ManCity might be dropping a few spots in the near future if things don't change...

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