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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Brazil vs Mexico

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Some thoughts on the match.

Brazil 4-3-1-2
Mexico 4-2-3-1

First of all, I was glad that Hulk started. He compliments Neymar well (or Neymar compliments him well, either is fine). Although, Hulk made some bad decisions (shooting from distance too often instead of working it or finding an open man). Still, he does have a powerful shot, and if he scores once -- I'd shut up. I don't we'll see Hulk starting for a while though.

Next, Dani Alves, what the heck are you doing in life? I'm not even talking about the foul in box (though that was bad enough), just in general a pretty bad showing. I think whenever Marcelo plays, Dani Alves sucks. (Don't really know why). Marcelo played well. Went too far up sometimes in the first up (and as a result we had Neymar or Hulk defending Chicharito). Scratch that, Marcelo played great. Probably the best player on his team. Was an offensive force and played well on the defensive side too. So most of this post was written before the match ended (towards the end), but factoring in that Marcelo scored as well. I would definitely say he was the best player on the pitch. 

Jefferson, the Brazilian goalie, played great. Prior to the match starting, the announcer remarked at how this may be the strongest Brazilian back-line yet, turned out to be the opposite. David Luis scored for the wrong team. (Own goals probably don't bring back the fondest of memories for Brazilians, or anybody, I guess. Well, except the Dutch.) Well, he did redeem him self (a bit) by heading a key ball out at the death.

As for Neymar, he's definitely talented. I don't know how good he will/can be but he has the talent to be a top striker when he moves (the sooner the better). (Hey, it's not like you can blame me for being skeptical. Pele also marked Robinho for greatness and that didn't turn out too swell.) He's not exactly the most physically terrifying person though. He'd be a good fit at almost anywhere in La Liga. He has the skills, and will get stronger physically (he'll need too).

Mexico played with lots of pressure in the first half, they probably wouldn't have been able to keep it up, but with Brazil one man down, they were able to maintain a considerable amount of pressure and not get burned.

The game was also played at a very high pace. Mexico has speedy players and it definitely worked in their advantage.

As for Ronaldhino. He's definitely a bit of a shadow of the Ronaldhino of old but he can still produce moments of magic.Good service with his corner kicks. Accurate free kicks that tested the keeper. Did score a goal though.

It's hard to really say much about Brazil at this point. I don't think Ronaldhino will play next WC (or if he does, probably won't start). Kaka, Maicon, Pato and Robinho will eventually return to this team. But even then, Kaka isn't the Kaka of Milan. However, with all that said, Brazil, despite really not playing well, should have scored once or twice in this game. Neymar had a chance in the first half and just missed the net.

Loved to see both teams heated. The match may be called a friendly, but that's hardly the word to describe the feeling of the game.

A final note, I watched the game online (via ESPN360). I just want to say, the announcer (there were two, one was clearly Mexican and the either probably English) was horrible. I don't mind the home bias, but he just contributed nothing to the game. Meanwhile, the other commentator (spoke seldom) was fairly good.

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