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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Going with the fLOW

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A lot of times one does things he doesn't want to. I wake up every earlier than I'd like on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. I could sleep (read: several times I've slept in) and miss class. Once or twice probably won't hurt me too much in the long run. Regardless, I wake up, shower, make my chai, check the web and eventually leave for classes. (On Tuesdays and Wednesdays I have classes start later and end unfortunately end later as well.) The point being, I do this because part of me realizes that it is in my self-interest to go class, and as a result do well in the class (to get some pointless piece of paper not worth the nearly 80-100 k that went into it).

There also exist things I may want to do, but don't. (Considering my anti-social and overly shy self, those amount to many things.) The reasoning as to why I don't do them is much the same as above. Maybe at times, outside factors also influence the choice. Stuff happens.

The above two I can understand, but the next type of situation I just can't understand the reasoning behind. Things you don't want to do, but end up doing. And we're not talking about things people are coerced into doing. Maybe it's obligation? I realize in life you'll have to do things you don't want to at one point or another, but without any major external factor pushing one to do something, why would they do it? 

This has been a long enough wind-up dude. Just get to the point.

 Allow me to end the vagueness and unveil the real reason I wrote this. Today, a comedian is going to my university. My roommates had some friends over before they went off to see the show. Sitting in my room, I over hear one person remark, "do you guys want to leave now?" Another person, a girl, offers her reasoning as to why she doesn't want to leave yet, "no, lets not go yet, it's just going to be filled with brown people waiting in line." Kind of racist? Maybe? I don't know. Probably was meant to be a little racist but please bear these somewhat scathing remarks and carry on my precious viewers (I would call you an endangerment species but that would imply you guys existed in fairly large number at one in time). Anyways, now comes the interesting part. She says, "I don't even like Aziz Ansari, and there's going to be so many brown people there." And then some guy gives her a some great advice. He says, "just get so drunk right now that you won't remember ever going to the show!" Brilliant advice! Pay for a show you won't even remember watching! Hell, you didn't even want to watch it! If I was a  door-to-door salesman, I know who's house I would pay a visit to every day. Sell an item, not be remembered and then sell a new item the next day.

The girl probably just wanted be with friends for a while, but she could have accomplished that without going to the show. As for it being awkward for her to come without a ticket, another guy did it (he has a night class). There's a difference between "we" and "me." You have to  forcefully rotate the "M" in order to make it a "W" and even then, you're "we" will have a deformed "W." Don't willingly become a deformed "we" or an abandoned "me." Also, don't waste your money!

Palestinians for Palin! If that's not one "me" that won't ever scream "we," then I don't know what is
Now I realize, it may not be possible for everyone to turn their deformed looking "we" back into a semi-normal (well, everyone has their writing quirks) "me." The world doesn't expect you to transform into a wonderful Palin-loving Palestinian anytime soon. (Really, the world wants you to be that deformed "we." It makes selling clothes easier, and propaganda.) It's a long journey back, some don't return until the every end (and some not even then). No doctor can prescribe you anything -- except maybe Dr. Pepper, because it does allow you to be you, and to do what you do (within the bounds of law, and common sense, hopefully).

This post was written to deal with a semi-serious issue (although the latter half of the blog may not reflect that). 

I'm neither a spokesman nor in any way affiliated with Dr. Pepper (save for being the "end user" once in a while). Personally, I don't drink Dr. Pepper (or really any soda/pop) but if it'll help you, go for it. 

For the record, I think the guy with the Palestinians for Palin poster was some white guy dressed in a thobe. I do know Zardari was all for Palin, but that's another story. 

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