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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Will of Tipu Sultan...

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Tipu Sultan was felled in battle when attacked by the British at an unexpected time. He thought his highly of his fort and it's defensive capabilities, but rumour has it he was ultimately betrayed by two of his own men. However, he was unwilling to entertain the possibility that he had been betrayed, until the enemy soldiers came rushing forth. It was then, that Tipu Sultan chose to live one day as a lion, instead of escaping to live a thousand more days a lamp. He was described as ferocious, and a man amongst men. He proved that til his breathe.

For the translation hunters and the "romans"

This is a personal favorite from the little I've read thus far from Iqbal. I never actually thought the day would come when I would fancy his work. Odd, really.

It really is a fitting tribute to a great man. A man who's reputation unfortunately has taken a hit with the passage of time.

Not only is it a tribute, but the work sets an example. One that everyone should strive for.

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