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Monday, April 30, 2012

My Current Sleep Schedule....

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...reads something like 6 pm - 12 am, 3-5 am and then like 6-7 am.

This has been going on for like 4 days now. Hopefully, today I put an end to it. I've been dreaming every day too! Unfortunately, the dreams are pretty mundane, although I came very close to realizing I was in a dream last night, but I woke up quickly after the fact. Thus, no lucid dreaming.

In slightly more important news, zero work happened over the weekend as asleep most of the time and/or attempting to puke (zero puking occurred though since that's a waste of money). It's now do shanbeh and things are looking a bit (read: a lot) better on the health side. That namak and garam pani combo is just too good.

Things to do today:

  • (Re)edit my essay 
  • (Re)start that pesky MCAT studying 
Actually, that's about it.

Oh, where do I get SmarTrip card from?


  1. Wait, you have a sleep...schedule?

    Also, SmarTrip at the Metro station, they have a machine for it.

    And yeah, this is a month.5 late, in your face!