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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Barış Manço

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A few months ago, a friend and I were talking about Coke Studio and in particular, the song Nazar Eilye which was originally sung by Barış Manço. 

To put the following in some sort of proper context let me just say that on our language-like scales, Turkish doesn't rank to high. We both stated we really didn't like the modern Turkish language (the song is good though and although, I don't hate it as much now, just the font thing really that irks me). Then he sent me the original version. From there began the greatest musical journey of all time (for both of us, and any other fortunate souls who listened to what we said).

This man is (perhaps I should use was, since he passed away many years ago) great. He sings in English, German, Italian, Turkish, and even manages to speak some Japanese phrases. And the music is beyond good!

Why haven't you heard of him yet? Because the world probably wasn't ready for such a talent and perhaps it never will be.

Coffee. The Fez Hat. Barış Manço. Thank you Turkey. 

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