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Monday, March 26, 2012

What actually happened. Spring Break.

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The list was:
  • Do some HW &  readings
  • Continue the programming and other comp stuff
  • Level up the Persian skills (books have been brought)
  • Stay somewhat physically active
  • Go here and there (I'll leave the specifics to imagination)
  • And Rent III maybe
  • Obviously namaz and stuff 

What actually happened was:
  • Well, I did the homework that was due on the day of Spring Break. Can't say much about the rest of things (not that I had much to do)
  • "Gathered" some Persian stuff
  • Got through about 2 Chapters of Eloquent Javascript
  • Did play soccer everyday except 2
  • I mean, my rent isn't due yet.
  • Mashallah

All in all, I avoided doing nothing for the entirety of Spring Break, which is always good. More than that, I actually managed to be somewhat productive.

I also took a bunch of clothes from home, many of which were not mine (which is a good thing).

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