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Sunday, February 5, 2012

I hate Milk

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I don't know why, but I just hate milk.  And no, not the movie.

Think about it for a second, what other animal on the world drinks milk into adulthood? And here's the kicker, it's milk from a different species! I know I'm not the only who finds that odd. It's totally weird, if you think about it. If you really think about it.

I used to drink milk everyday -- multiple times within a day. This continued until I was about 17-18 when for some reason, the periodicity of my milk drinking waned. When I entered college, I was further forced to reduce my milk drinking habits due to the fact that the diner only had 2% and 1% milk. I mean, doodh, no homo, but I like my milk homo.

As a result of these unfortunate events, I rarely drank milk and  was forced to buy my milk (which unlike the diner cost actual money).

For some reason now, I don't really like the taste of milk. I never realized this before (maybe because I had my milk before/after meals) but it just tastes weird.

With that said, a man needs his chai and occasionally, cereal too. Add the other gazillion things that milk is put into and the picture becomes even weirder.

Recently though, I've began to consume yogurt, daily.  Now, generally in our culture yogurt is pretty much associated with either lassi or something to be put on rice. But whoever made flavoured yogurt was a genius.  Better than Einstein (well, not really).

I've pretty much been having yogurt everyday either at breakfast or in between classes to get through until I eat.  It's pretty much the most amazing thing ever. Way better than milk and it's a must have if you you're a spy.

So to summarize, it's not that I hate milk per say, but it's more so that I hate the taste of milk (now) for some reason or another. If it's a part of something then I don't mind the milk. However, one needs the nutritional grenade that is milk. In its place, I've found yogurt offers a good substitute. It's also tasty.

Now I'm curious what would happen if I drank milk after having a miracle berry, but that's another post for another time.

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