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Friday, January 13, 2012

Updates and computer stuff

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My illness has finally subsided. I went to the doctor yesterday and after the annual 5-minute patient-physician drill, we ended up talking about okra, bhindiyaan. He asked what my favorite sabzi was and from there he asked if I ate it on rice....that was an awkward moment. Apparently though, it can be done.

Anyways, today I cleaned out my laptop's fan. I will order a new battery and shell later this week (apparently today is Friday; so, I should hurry up with that).

After that, I got rid of Windows bhai, and installed Linux Ubuntu Mint and frankly, I must say, the podina is pretty good. I'm impressed, although I'm rather easily impressed. Still though, in about half an hour, it's already surpassed my windows experience (which was pretty crappy).

I'm going to play around with it more, but for now let me post a few screenshots.

Instant thoughts:

Speed: The difference in speed is pretty visible. When I first went to install the wifi drivers, I clicked the additional drivers button a few times, and it resulted in an avalanche of open windows. Each click works. Alhamdolillah! Also, it took about 40 seconds for me to go from turning my laptop on to being on the Internet. That's great.

Simplicity: Thus far, nothing has been overly complicated. And if you are having issues, most things are a google away.

Customization: Oh dear God...

I still have my windows, but right now it's just for the data on there...and if by some chance that was all deleted....that'd be bad?

Damn, that was some pretty good usage of the q-mark. 

Oh, and for those waiting for the final part of the "Rent, not the musical" trilogy, please stop bombarding my email account (or continue to, if you want). I'll get around to it soon.  I got sick for a while.

Okay, no one emailed me asking for the final part =(

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