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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Art of Re-moving In

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The concept of re-moving in is something I'd imagine not too many people are familiar with. I mean, if you live in the real world, then you only have to deal with moving in and out. On vacations you don't things with you, and thus when you return, you just hit the bed and deal with the rest later. However, in the quasi-society that is college, re-moving in is an art. Those less adept at it end can end up with back pain, pulled muscles, and the ultimate horror -- a parking ticket.

Luckily, I didn't have to take all of my stuff this time around (only to lug it all the way back a month later). Still though, I did bring somethings I took back and I also brought other things I figured I'd need.

But back to re-moving in. Some people try to be the first ones there, to avoid all the traffic and just get it over with. Others attempt to be the last people to arrive and hope that by that time everyone has already moved in. Ultimately, both people lose because too many think like that.

The truly outside-the-box thinkers are those who come the day after the last day! Or,there are also those people who move in at night on the last day which is also a good idea.

But then again, after you move out of dormitories, and into more low-key places, it doesn't matter as much when you move back. More importantly though, is what you bring back.

This time, I brought back:
  • Clothes. Winter clothes (full-sleeve shirts, some hats, a pair of cool gloves).  
  • Ethernet cable. First time I'm actually using on campus. Should have done this a long time ago. Don't have to deal with that stupid login form.
  • Food. Mostly snacks, but also bread and pasta stuff. First of all, things here are expensive and secondly, I didn't have to do the shopping for it!
  • Socks. These are so important they deserve a special mention. I think it might be a universal law or something, but the number of socks in ones possession is naturally tends drive approach zero.
  • Dinero. Obviously
  • Soccer ball. This time, I brought a smaller ball. Hopefully that results in a better overall touch.

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