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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Walking Dead

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So the second series I want to recommend/mention is "Walking Dead"

This series is based off of a comic book written created by Robert Kirkman. One of my friends, reads the comic and has told me that the series so far has done a fairly good job of following the comic. (There have been some changes, but that's usually to be expected when you adapt anything from print to film.)

The premise revolves around a doomsday like scenario. Pretty much, a killer virus has turned people into zombies ("walkers") who are humans that after death become reanimated if bitten by the walkers. The only way to kill the walkers is to impale their head. (Shoot them in the head, bow-and-arrow, or just "good-ole melee attacks." Guns tend to be a no-no though, since they attract more walkers. 

While the plot might sound somewhat cheesy, trust me, it's not. It depicts how people deal in this hellish situation -- aka, it's a character study more than anything.

Would you screw over everyone to ensure save your own life? Would you just commit suicide instead of fighting for a tomorrow? What about your family and friends? Are they alive or dead? Worse, what if they become walkers? All of these are questions and scenarios this show deals with.

Be warned, the show is mature. Zombie bloods and guts tend to fly around. 

The show isn't overtly scary, but rather, an ominous tension just floats around in the air for an hour.

The first season was only 6 episodes. The new season is about 12 episodes, but the series did have budget cuts. (Haven't noticed too much of a decline though, more commercials than I'd like though). The plot also seems to have more build-up seems to be multi-arc this time around. 

Actors? Andrew Lincoln makes a damn good actor. Never over-dramatic. Hits the mood perfectly. 

I'll add more to this post when I get some more time. For now, this should be a good enough primer!

Back to HW!

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