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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Chai & The P2P Ratio

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"The journey of life is an arduous journey fixated upon reaching the unreachable -- the perfect p2p ratio" 
~Me. October 2, 2011 via Twitter

I once read in a paper that two things are unavoidable for any desi immigrant -- 9/11 and 7/11. If I could be as bold as to add another condition, it would be the chai and the p2p ratio. These two are unavoidable. If chai existed in the world of pokemon, no one would buy full heal and super potions and you would have never needed Navi in Zelda. ("Hey! Listen!") These aren't facts but rather undeniable outcomes had such words existed (or where they do exist). 

But, for a moment, lets turn our attention to more curious matters -- the illusive p2p ratio. For starters, no, I'm not talking about peer-2-peer (or even peer-2-shagird), but rather paani-2-patti. That is to say, the tantalizing interaction of your patti with your paani in its most ideal quantities. When achieved (if ever!), heavenly bliss ensues.

Chai is the third unavoidable condition. From the time your amma ji makes it at home for you and the entire family, to the time you make it (rarely as good as aunty ji, mind you) and until you do the noble act of giving up even more noble duty to a younger sibling (or, rather, when you reach the height of laziness and end up threatening them). Thus, propelling the tradition and love chai onwards and the fragile strings that hold humanity together are left uncut.

If we continue our story and forward it to when you find yourself out of the proverbial nest, one of the few constants that remains in life is the chai addiction. And thus, the quest for perfecting your own personal p2p ratio continues. But beware my friend! On this journey there are many traps, laid forth almost entirely by the capitalistic and corrupt world!

I present now, the antagonist to your noble escapade. This kettle and those of its ilk.

"I'm not calling you black, but just totally fazool"

Victory cannot be achieved using this. And even worse, your friends will think worse of you and your "chai skills." Well, that's assuming you have any friends left.

Open-top allows the atomic particles to breath; thus, ensuring better chai, a happier life and even a better work experience.

I could end this by saying, "stay thirsty my friends" but I won't. Even I'm not that cheesy. Why should anyone even want to stay thirsty, when you can make chai.