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Monday, September 13, 2010


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Ramzaan/Ramezoon/Ramadhan is done. Eid was pretty good. Went to class and ditched early. Made it to masjid with time to spare. After that we went camping for the weekend (we = many families). Was a great trip. We ended up playing basketball, football, and soccer all 3 days. Came back to CP and was dead tired but alas no rest for the weary. On a side note, apparently I'm not as bad as I thought at basketball....

Intramural soccer has started and we had a game on Sunday. I know two guys from my team. One is a friend of a friend and cool but other than him the rest are all unknown. Four are Chinese and needless to say we have communication problems. In the end we got owned. We suck. Chemistry isn't there and well we don't really have players to fill the positions. It's weird. I sucked too. Played up top in the second and squandered two good chances. One wasn't my fault but the other I tried to make a pass into a give and go but the other guy clearly wasn't ready for it. I should have taken it. Too generous (read: stupid) I guess. Also didn't move with the ball AT ANY POINT IN THE GAME. Just passed when it came. Lot of things went bad. Played in my sambas since cleats were at home.

Game wasn't a total loss though. I did pick up a yellow card for a slide tackle (apparently the rules say slide tackling isn't allowed, thanks for not telling us that ref). Was a clean tackle though. I got all ball. Unfortunately the other player got tangled and fell. Not really a yellow but hey it's sorta badass innit...You don't need to comment, I know it is.

Going to run tomorrow. Indoor soccer practice for outdoor intramurals. Lord Knows we need it.

Oh, my farsi class. WTFreak. Homework is due on tuesdays 3 pm. CLASS MEETS ON MWF schedule. SO AJEEB.

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