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Thursday, September 2, 2010

23 Ramadhan

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First week of classes = over...well one more left day left.

16 Credits this semester which is worlds easier than before. Labs haven't started yet but even then it's still much easier. Need to get all the past lab sheets from Asif soon.

207 - Seems like a joke sort of. Prof came off as mean but now I have a shot at getting my foot in the door in terms of some research/things to put on your resume. Not really research, more like taking photos of micro stuff...but cv'able I guess

330- Cell bio and physiology. I've heard that you should record every lecture. Listen to it and memorize every single detail. -cringes-

301 pers - shouldn't be too bad. Want to do well though

371 pers - lit class...shouldn't be too hard. Need to make a good impression on the prof though. He's the head of the dept

461 biochem. The lady is so boring. tauba hadh hai. Like in 15 mins the class is asleep..aur kamra bhi itna chota hai..i can barely find a seat..let alone a decent one

My roommate is from Eritrea. Somewhat ironic I guess. par theek hi hai i guess..all things considered. I found out some friends live here nearby so things will be okay.

Hospital work still needs to be done. Gotta fill out the forms and stuff..par yeah it got complicated and hence all those tests.

aur kya...hmm bought an iphone 4g..and Adidas sambas. Eid is next week. Got to go to class and then run to masjid. Luckily eid programs tend to operate on desi standard time and 10:15 namaz means like 10:45 (better than usual). speaking of yelled at alot last week..prolly most in my life..totally forgot about it..-makes mental note-

I would have thought people on campus would've done more for floods. Groups like PSA and MSA..Sad I guess on a lot of levels. Ami told me donate money for her to humanity first. Need to do that kal I guess.

hmm i think that's enough for a while.

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