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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Somebody tell Roth I don't love college

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Many happenings and many trappenings occuring.

Have an interview for a chance to photograph microbacteria and stuff. Doesn't sound too interesting but it sounds useful for the very short resume I have saved on my desktop. Let's see if I can get it or not.

Baltimore Book Festival starts tomorrow. We have a stall there for the second year. Last year it was sort of an experiment but this year we expect some good stuff. The theme is supposed to be Islam and Contemporary Issues. I was supposed to go and help out but it doesn't look like that's going to happen. Studying and other work has risen to the level that I'm about to drown in it. I also have soccer on Sunday even though it hurts to walk. It's been two weeks so clearly something is wrong. First it was just an ankle troubling me but now it's various parts of the feet. I've been using IceyHot for the past week (well like two times) and well yeah let's just hope for the best.

Micrbio lab...Didn't even send out an email saying work is due before lab. I didn't like that move on their part. Did it late and in a rush so we'll see I guess

Persians. Pretty good I guess.

Biochem. She bores the entire class. To make matters worse we have homework now and I don't know anything haha.

Cell Bio&Phys. Test Wed. Going to go through the audio I've taken for the lectures and make some comprehensive notes.

Other Bio. Not on my mind until after this test.

Aur nomi goes to umd too...didn't know that..don't really care either hahaha

Have to start MCAT studying by November. Also need to start volunteering by Mid-October. I'm going to go back home soon I guess. I'll finalize the paperwork and documents then.

My Fantasy Record
1-0-0. Had a bye week 1. I'm gonna own this league. Like a paki eating anda with bread and jam/jelly..yeah jam/jelly...I don't dig that

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