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Monday, September 20, 2010

Fashion Faux Pas...Desi Style

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So you've got your black frame glasses, tight jeans (probably not blue), tight-fitted t-shirt, and the gelled fro-hawk (shoes tend to vary here). News flash, you're probably Indian, and dude you're not going looking cool. OH and please for the sake of the heavens, the earth, and this mighty fine creation in between, please do not walk next to your carbon-copy clone because then it'll prompt someone to write a blog about bad fashion decisions.

Then the fobs. As a precursor, I like fobs more so than then group mentioned above. Bicharay have it rough often enough. Shirt is always a button-up. The top few buttons are always undone, allowing the jungle inside to be semi-exposed outside. (I could describe this in a much more artistic way but if it would be so awkward to do so. -shudders-). Pants are brown. Khakis are very rare but worn at times. Boots are black, if worn because usually our homeboy is rockin' a pair of chappal, or shapaals as the French like to say (okay they don't but imagine if they did...) The most important thing of all? Easy. It's the belt. There's always a belt. The lynch-pin in the fob attire. The midfield on the soccer field that is the fob. (Okay I'll stop with the cheesey figurative language.) You guys can keep doing your thing though, but just give us a curve ball once in a while. One that's a strike and not a dud.

umm kurriyaan? I don't akh maar kurriyaan so no comment.
kameez teri kaali, ni sohna phulaan wali..... bad o.o

In less pressing matters. Bsci330 exam next Wed. Will start going through the lectures in two days.

Biochem....oh lordy biochem. The prof puts my overslept self to sleep (First class of my day and it's at 12:30 on T Th)....I found out I'm in the majors class (and I'm so not a biochem major ahaha). But yeah right now the fundamental problem is the total boringness of it all.

Persian classes are all going okay and well.

Microbio lab is at 6-9. I can tell after one session it's going to be hell on Tuesday o.o. I also shocked myself pulling the microscope plug out. Damn microscope.

Went to buy a soccer ball today but it was ridiculous. $50 for a ball? Are you kidding me? The little Desi in me would've had committed say nothing about the big one I am o.o

So like all 21st Century e-bachay, FTW.

shab beeti, chaand bhi doob chala, zanjeer pari darwaze mein
kyoun dair gay ghar aiye ho, sajni se karo gay bahana kya??

For the record, I have no Sajni, fortunately or unfortunately. (BTW this is not an invitation to apply..not that anyone would o.o).

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