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Monday, June 28, 2010


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Got back from Ny yesterday. Was a good trip I guess. Really tired. As with almost all our roadtrips, there needs to be a bakra for one eid moment and like many times (not all but a good number). Khair after that we got home and everyone was dead tired. Slept a good 5-6 hours and then had to wake up and go to my apartment near uni. That didn't work out. Woke up. Ate. Said I was going back to sleep. Going to leave now at around 1 and catch up on the morning class stuff tomorrow.

What do you say to cousins whom you've met only once or twice in your life o.o. According to me, nothing LOL o.o

So yeah. Left home at 1:04 pm. Made a stop or two cuz family wanted some things. 2:40 pm realized that I left my keys at home. went back. Arrived at uni at 5:30 pm. I have a class from 5:30 pm to 7 but honestly..i have barely eaten anything and yeah just tired...ppeace

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