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Friday, June 25, 2010

At home

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So I'm at home. Some people get on me if I don't tell them I'm at home :P

Going to ny tomorrow. My maamo is in the states (maami too lol) visiting his daughters who and grandkids and stuff o.o He'll come here in a month for Jalsa and stuff so yeah..gonna go to NY for a day. Luckily they've moved from the city so won't have to deal with too much traffic. NYC traffic sucks so bad. I remember once when living in Phily we left at 4-5 am from Philly to avoid it LOL

Next week is July 4 so a long weekend lol. Test on Friday though which sucks

I have slowly moved from singing songs while waking to reading nazms and naats so I guess that's good in some sort of way.

USA vs Ghana 2:30 pm EST. Hopefully we'll arrive before then and take over their tv :P

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