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Monday, April 22, 2013

Will I let my children watch tv?

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A few weeks ago I was cooking something and needed to go through the recipe. The 1 minute and 30 second video was preceded by a 1-minute ad. A haraam one minute ad. (Well, maybe just makrooh, but you get my point.)

It really makes me wonder through. Is this something I would want to expose to my children (when I have them, inshallah). I mean, it's not like you can keep them away from this stuff (tv/youtube). In my case, I was trying to learn something, and wasn't even looking for that gand. 

You can get away without TV anymore, but not so much the internet. At least with tv, you could turn it off or change the channel during the bad parts, but with the internet, you can close or block pop-ups, but ads on websites, prior to videos, and who knows where they'll put it next. The issue isn't even the ads, (it's the moral degradation of society and jazz). It's like, c'mon man, I just wanted to see how to flip crap in my wok, and you're showing me an ad for jeans I'm too poor to buy (and the wrong gender). And no, this doesn't mean I want my information stored so that you can generate smarter ads.

Must to be tough to be a parent, eh?

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