Work in Progress (No, really)

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Two-Thousand And Thirteen

I can still remember people freaking out about Y2K. It's hard to believe that was almost 13 years ago.

For me, 2013 represents a new start. This is the first time in my life that I've become cognizant of time, how it's always running and how much of it I've already wasted. You can't get back the time you've wasted (at least that's true for now). You can't undo the things you've done. Accepting this second sentence is easier to realize than the first sentence, but it's harder to accept. I'm trying to accept it.

People make reservations, but I've never done that. This time I do have some things I'd like to change or do. I've limited them to a few things; so, hopefully, I'll be able to actually follow through with it.

 1. Become more right-handed.

There's no real reason for this. Just something I've always wanted to do (be able to write and carry out some other functions). Thanks to right-handed dominant society, I can already do a lot of things with my right hand. But yeah. This would would also make seating issues disappear.

2. Write a "book."

No, I don't dream of hitting it big, nor do I imagine even trying. I do have a story I want to (I need to) get out. Really, I guess I just have stuff I want to get out. Hopefully I can make some progress there. I've already put together a little and have started the back ground material.

3. Limit my TV/Laptop/Internet/Phone

This stuff is just a waste of time. These are things that are always on. They don't need to be always on. Simple.

When my laptop was broken, I realized that the world keeps going. I realized I can do everything with or without a laptop. When I need a computer, I can use a desktop. The important thing is the when. At other times, I'm free to do other things without being distracted.

I don't hate technology, but anything it's just over-saturating our lives now.
That can't be healthy.

There is no order of importance.

4. Run/Gym

You work for a better tomorrow.
You need to stay fit to enjoy that tomorrow.

5. Read more

I haven't really read in 4 years now. I just started again a few months ago but still. It's much better than Youtube...or MakroohTube. But films are cool though. Not all the time, but sometimes.

English, Urdu, Farsi, Pashto, Punjabi...whatever.

Notice there's no shaadi plans on that list. Now "un-notice" it.


  1. Oh, I also plan on buying an acoustic guitar.

    It'll be fun.

  2. Well, I've only done like one of these so far.
    Number 4.