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Friday, June 1, 2012

Rent, not the musical: the in-between part

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Hi there. I know it's been about 10 months since the last part, but I just totally didn't care about writing the rest  needed to recharge the creative juices. Please understand. I've been hounded with requests to continue what may just be the greatest story ever told. Well, without further delay, I present the conclusion to the Rent Fiasco saga. However, first let's set the stage for the finale.

Mr. Yaseen Sheesha finally moved out the last of his things. As he was moving out for the last time, he asked Mr. Alexander and I whether we were "excited about getting our room." We both replied with the negative, and stated there was pretty much no point now and that we were considering just spending the rest of the time in the common room. He didn't reply, but he was clearly pissed (of course, this is looking at the matter in retrospect). He went to his car and the crew and I decided i was high time we went and ate something. Mr. Sheesha had been moving out now for a good 2.5 weeks, and there was no real indication whether or when he was going to finish. So, like all kids in college, we decided to eat Greek food.

As we're exiting the elevator, guess who we see? Mr. Sheesha! Also with him is Franco Farsi, the other roommate (well one of two others). Both are getting in to go up as we're getting out to go eat. Mr. Sheesha must have thought we were just bailing out because he sent some angry texts to AJ. But, the truth of the matter is, we were hungry and went to eat. Maybe if you moved out quicker then the situation would have been avoided, but if you're going to take 3-4 hours (on that one day alone) to move out, then people will be going in and out of the apartment. While we don't have lives (or wives), we do have stomachs.

So as we're eating College Park's finest food, Yasesen Sheesha sends some texts saying stuff along the lines that he knows we bailed out on him, he wants his money, he's not going to let us off the hook and stuff like that. Clearly,  at this point, the passive-aggressive nuclear power plant is reaching critical threshold. We have some fun with his outburst (and general personality) and finish up our meal. We then head back.

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