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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Fear of All Men

Until I was about 17 I got haircuts on a fairly regular basis. The most I probably went between haircuts was 3 months. After I turned 18 that time duration increased to about 6 months. In fact, I probably average about 1.5 haircuts a year now. Several reasons influenced the change -- I'm lazy, haircuts are expensive in the real world (as opposed to at home), and apparently you're supposed to tip barbers. In addition, longer hair just went with the age. However, now there is a fear associated with haircuts that goes beyond the thought of losing an ear -- going bald.

In my junior year of college, one of my roommates was balding. Apparently he used to have an amazing flowing mane which at its peaked reached manificent levels of epicness. That was high school, he was now a sophomore in college and a some bad genes, and swimming (apparently) had done major damage. Lesson? Appreciate what you got, but realize it's not the end of the world.

When we're younger, we often see people who are balding or those who've already become bald. We don't think it'll happen to us. Then again, rarely do we assume anything bad or unfortunate will happen to ourselves. I didn't (don't) think I'll go bald, others do though. So yesterday, after my haircut, I totally freaked out that my hairline was receding and that it was the end of the world. Then I took a shower, put a hat on and eventually realized it was just that my hair was short after a good 6 months and that it was cut shorter than usual. Catastrophe averted.

Over reaction? Big time.

Anything gained? Well, I did decide to start eating Omega-3 pills. You should too! Supposedly, it'll delay the process, and cure you of everything. I'm willing to believe the former more so than the latter.

So the point is that my mental breakdown taught me several important life lessons. One, my hair is my only selling point and I'm not trying to lose it yet. More importantly though, everything is finite. That's something we all know, but often fail to realize or comprehend. It's something we're forced to realize at various junctures in life.

Finally, I'd like to mention major breakthroughs have been made in the field of balding (okay, so it's not really a field), and hopefully it'll be cured before I lose all my hair. If not, then there's always the Parker's solution.

In an ideal world, I'd also like to not have grey hair. And I mean in an halal fashion.


  1. I guess out of naive hope, I thought this would be about Taqwa.

    Also, if I ended up having gray/white hair at a relatively young age, I'd do like Tom Cruise in Collateral and grow a goatee.

    1. If I retain my hair ('til it doesn't matter anymore) , it will do wonders for my taqwa level.

  2. Lol..funny how something so simple such as your haircut can give rise to more deeper thoughts. This was a good read, and a good laugh!