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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The c2d ratio

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What is the c2d ratio?
The c2d ratio stands for chai to distance ratio. In simple terms, it allows one to relate chai levels to distance. From this value, many conclusions may be drawn.

Look at the picture to the right. The first thing that stands out is the minuscule amount of distance between the white cup, and the black cup at the forefront -- too close. Correction, way too close. The implications of such a small distance can lead to a myriad of complicated and disheartening conclusions in the minds of others. Foremost, what exactly is the relationship between the gentlemen? (I mean, if it's not two men, then you're already in trouble.) If it's a child, then you're just weirdo (in peoples' opinion, clearly). And let's not even talk about the height discrepancy here. Just unacceptable. But, all in all, since it was early in the morning, and at that time people are less awake, you may be able to get away with it once or twice. However, don't push your luck.

One suggestion to maintain a respectable c2d ratio is by placing biscuits in the middle of the two cups. This will act as a buffer zone to prevent (excess) awkwardness (and in some cases, the beat-down)

But what about the Japanese? 

First of all, no one says (or wants) to place the Grand Canyon between the two parties; however, no one wants the distance to be only a few Angstroms. And that's true everywhere.

Furthermore, I feel like you get less tea there; so, in should work out there too.

And thus, another of life's mysterious ratios and laws is explained. No need for thanks. Just make sure to abide bye it.


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