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Monday, July 12, 2010

The English Accent

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Yes it is really an accent.

My Prof for Phys 2 is British apparently. The class seems much harder than the first course (whether this is related to him being British is as of yet unknown).

I don't know if many Brits realize this but they tend to come off as a mixture of arrogant and snobby. I mean no offense here but it's just my perception of it. Perhaps it's only me who feels this way. Not all of them mind you but it does seem like a good many. Of course we can love some brits or just one ...cuz two is more than one y0..which gets u beat up haha =p

So yeah....
It's kind of cool though. You get to hear things said a different way and he seems like a good guy. A very good guy I guess. Pretty laid back too...khair we'll see how it goes

This semester is going to be hard.

Looks like no tests during Jalsa time (linky: and also

Friday is gonna be tough. Go to class. Go to jalsa gah..spend a few some work with what i do every year lol....uni for evening and back again for maghrib and isha. Saturday + Sun will be easy. Maamo and my cousins (old with familie sand stuff o.o) are also going to come down...obviously'

On the ijtema front though things are looking like I'll miss saturday and either amtrak or fly in on Saturday...cuz u know..can't miss it ...I hate flying though...and actually right now I don't think I can fly hahaha...passport is being made..I'm not sure if that's a big deal for domestic flights though


Since I share nazms sometimes o.o

~written by: Saqib Zeervi ...who will get his post on this blog one day

okay that's enough for one day

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